Helping You Find clarity,
And balance.

Helping You Find clarity,
And balance.

Helping You Find clarity,
And balance.

One Sent to Help You Discover Your True Worth

What do you know about your purpose and how are you choosing to live it out?
Do you desire to have balance in your life and be the best version of you?
Do you sometimes feel isolated, overwhelmed and wondering how you got "here"?
Do you want better personal and work relationships?
Do you desire to be able to navigate through life's challenges and transitions more easily and with more confidence?

Everything is possible. You are unique and created for design.

Hi, I'm Penny. I offer a safe place to process and grow so that you can recognize and live out your true worth and live intentionally.

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One on one coaching designed to help you discover your full worth and thrive as a unique individual in any circumstance.

For the leader, business owner or spouse of one who desires to find more balance & prioritize what is important so you can enjoy life & be present for those who are most important to you.

I offer group coaching which promotes community and collaboration. This is a confidential and safe place where you can process and dig deeper with like minded people.

"You can’t go back and change the beginning,
but you can start where you are and change the ending."

- C.S Lewis

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Why two sparrows coaching

Penny Ehrenzeller - life leadership coach.

When I was a little girl, I was intrigued with baby birds. When I found a nest tucked in the corn crib, I would examine the baby birds, curious how something so small could have a little heart beating and everything inside its tiny body it needed in order to grow and one day fly.

The name for Two Sparrows Coaching was birthed out of my curiosity of what God says about you and me in relation to the birds He created.  He says that even though sparrows are sold for only one penny, He knows when each one falls. And not one of them falls apart from the Father.

The truth is each one of us will fall! It may be in various ways for different lengths of time, BUT you do not go unnoticed. Your Father sees you, hears you and loves you. He and I desire to come alongside you, help you grow, spread your wings and fly.   Learn more

Two Sparrows Coaching offers Penny Ehrenzeller as a professional life and leadership coach. Penny coaches and inspires people to discover the adventure of a life well lived by finding balance, purpose, deeper connections, wellness and new awareness as they navigate through life’s challenges and transitions.

What My Clients are saying

Coaching with Penny has been an empowering journey. Penny's insight, compassion, spiritual maturity, and direction have been invaluable. Through insightful questions Penny has helped me to navigate the challenges I face with optimism, peace, and faith. Penny has helped me to recognize and overcome self-defeating thoughts and patterns and live a more purposeful, joyful, and abundant life. I look forward to each session with Penny knowing I will leave with goals, action steps, and encouragement as I continue to grow and embrace all God has created me to be.
Beth E.

Since coaching with Penny, I’ve been able to create balance within my work and home life. Her upbeat personality, genuine character, and love for the Lord has been an incredible encouragement to me!
Emily M.